DorianBahr | Process
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The DorianBahr Process

The DorianBahr Process

At DorianBahr, we pride ourselves on our customer approach. We bring you a turnkey, hands-on experience to help make the process as stress-free as possible. In fact, because of our personal touch, many of our clients quickly turn into friends!

Meet the Clients

We call this the “getting to know you” phase! It is important to get a clear understanding of our client, what they like, and what they are wanting! We want to know your design style, your favorite colors, and more!

Visit the Home

Getting to know the space we are working with is key to setting expectations. We want to make sure we are able to give you a complete understanding of what can be done and the time frame we can do it in.

Present the Options

This is where the fun starts! We utilize a visual presentation to show the design layout, the materials, the colors, the furniture, and the accessories! This gives you the chance to give feedback and discuss the direction.

Make the Decisions

Here is where we make the final selections and begin the ordering process. We nail down all of the materials needed for the remodel and select the final pieces that will decorate the space.

Prepare the Space

Once all is ordered, we begin the remodel! This includes demolition, build-out that is needed, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, painting and flooring.

Add the Final Touches

After the fabrication is in place, we add the finishing pieces, including: furniture, wall art and other accessories, bringing your space together. This is the finish line! The room is ready for you and your family to enjoy!