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Maldanado Project

Maldanado Project

Vibrant Island-Inspired Home Transformation: Blending Hawaiian and Caribbean Essence

For a dynamic family with roots in both Hawaii and the Caribbean, their longing for home’s warmth and vividness became the cornerstone of this inspired renovation project. With the family patriarch now an instructor at SMU and a culinary enthusiast, the project was not only about capturing the essence of their heritage but also about creating a space that caters to his passion for cooking. Given free rein on the design, the goal was to infuse the home with the natural colors and vibrant atmosphere of the islands, while also providing practical enhancements for everyday life.

A Palette Inspired by Paradise

Drawing from the lush landscapes and azure waters of Hawaii and the Caribbean, the color scheme became a lively mix of blues, greens, and earth tones. These hues were thoughtfully integrated throughout the home, ensuring each room was a reminder of the family’s origins. This palette not only served to create a visually cohesive space but also to evoke the serene and joyful spirit of island life.

Culinary Craft Meets Design Ingenuity

Understanding the husband’s passion for cooking, the kitchen was reimagined as a chef’s dream. Abundant built-ins were installed, including custom spice drawers, which allowed for an organized and efficient workflow. These tailored features enable him to focus on his culinary creations, embodying the joy and art of cooking. Every aspect of the kitchen design, from the layout to the choice of materials, was aimed at enhancing the cooking experience while integrating the vibrant colors reminiscent of their cultural background.

A Seamless Blend of Living Spaces

In an ambitious move, the original kitchen, breakfast nook, family room, and den were merged into an open-concept area that now serves as the kitchen, family gathering area, and playroom. This transformation was pivotal in creating an expansive, unified space that supports interaction and togetherness, embodying the communal spirit emblematic of their cultures.

Fireplace and Bar: Centers of Comfort and Entertainment

The redesign extended to creating a bespoke fireplace and bar area, which not only serve as focal points in the living space but also as symbols of hospitality and warmth. The fireplace, redesigned with the vibrant color scheme and tropical inspiration in mind, became a cozy gathering spot for the family. Adjacent, the bar was reimagined to accommodate both casual family moments and entertaining, reflecting the open-hearted and celebratory traditions of the islands.

Conclusion: A Home Transformed by Heritage and Heart

This renovation project transcends mere aesthetics; it’s a heartfelt nod to the family’s rich heritage, combined with functional design tailored to their lifestyle. By infusing the energetic colors of Hawaii and the Caribbean into each element of the home, and by customizing the space to enrich the family’s daily life and culinary passions, the project succeeded in crafting a vibrant sanctuary. The family’s home now stands as a beautiful amalgamation of Hawaiian and Caribbean influences, celebrating their cultures while providing a perfectly adapted environment for creativity, entertainment, and relaxation.


Interior Remodel - Bathroom, Kitchen/Breakfast Nook, Formal Living Room, and Formal Dining Room


Luis and Dana Moldonado


Spring 2019


October 29, 2019



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