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Trahan Project

Revitalizing a Classic: DorianBahr’s Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece

At DorianBahr, exterior renovations are more than just projects; they are a passion, particularly when it comes to the sleek, timeless appeal of mid-century modern architecture. This was the vision that guided the transformation of Michelle’s home, a dwelling that hinted at mid-century modern lines but yearned for a full realization of its potential. The objective was clear: to amplify and expand upon these elements, elevating the home not only to reflect its owner’s tastes but to make it a distinguished presence in the neighborhood.

Unveiling Mid-Century Modern Charm

Michelle’s home boasted the low-slung roofs and large windows characteristic of mid-century design but lacked the cohesion and distinct features that truly defined the style. DorianBahr took on the challenge with gusto, embarking on a design journey to intensify these architectural signatures while introducing new elements that would pay homage to the era’s aesthetic ethos.

Expanding the Vision

The renovation plan was comprehensive, encompassing both structural enhancements and visual upgrades to breathe new life into the existing mid-century framework. Key among these were the introduction of clean, geometric lines that afforded the home a more pronounced silhouette and the insertion of additional windows to foster an indoor-outdoor connection, a hallmark of mid-century modern design.

Material Matters

In keeping with mid-century modern principles, materials played a pivotal role in the transformation. Natural wood, stone, and glass were incorporated not only for their aesthetic appeal but for their ability to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. These materials, selected for their texture and ability to age gracefully, complemented the home’s refreshed exterior palette, which drew from a range of period-appropriate colors.

Landscape and Lighting: The Final Touches

No mid-century modern revival would be complete without considering the surrounding landscape and exterior lighting. DorianBahr designed a landscaping scheme that matched the simplicity and organic contours of the home, featuring native plants and minimalist hardscaping. Strategically placed lighting accentuated the architectural features of the house, casting it in a glow that highlighted its beauty and ensured it stood out, day or night.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Mid-Century Modern Elegance

The transformation of Michelle’s home by DorianBahr is a testament to the enduring allure of mid-century modern design and the talent behind thoughtful renovation. Through a dedicated focus on enhancing and expanding the original architectural cues, the project succeeded in not just preserving the spirit of the era but elevating it to a contemporary masterpiece. The house, now a standout feature in the neighborhood, embodies a perfect blend of past and present, capturing the essence of mid-century modern design while providing a warm, inviting home for Michelle and her family.


Exterior Renovation


Michelle Trahan


Summer 2018


July 12, 2017



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