DorianBahr | Stratford Estates Plano Project
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Stratford Estates Plano Project

Stratford Estates Plano Project

Project Summary

DorianBahr Design Studio’s consummate expertise is vividly embodied in the full-spectrum design services it provided for a recent project. We delivered meticulous architectural planning coupled with refined interior design, ensuring that each dimension of the project harmonized with our client’s vision. Our scope included the delivery of complete construction documents, addressing every technical aspect from mechanical and electrical detailing to plumbing configuration, as well as the intricate engineering processes required for permitting—a task achieved through our synergistic partnerships with specialized consultancies.

Engineering Precision for Modern Living

Our endeavor commenced with an in-depth analysis that laid the groundwork for the required mechanical, electrical, and plumbing re-planning. Each system was rethought to adapt to the latest technological advances and to accommodate the revamped layout of the residence. We integrated concepts such as a tankless water system, underscoring our dedication to modern, eco-conscious living solutions.

Expertise in Development & Construction

Dorian Development, LLC, a key player in this transformation, managed the process with finesse and exacting standards. We commenced with the demolition of the pre-existing structure, carrying out the task with precision while adhering stringently to city codes and environmental considerations. Site preparation was conducted with an acute awareness of the functional and aesthetic objectives that were to underscore the new construction phase.

Elevating Key Living Spaces

The focus of the remodel surfaced most prominently in the rejuvenation of vital living areas—the kitchen, dining area, and family room. In the kitchen, we installed state-of-the-art cabinets and appliances, each chosen for their superior quality, ergonomic design, and seamless integration into the culinary space. The utility lines were deftly modified to align with the new layout and upgraded appliances, ensuring a blend of form and efficiency.

Interior and Exterior Finishing Touches

Sweeping interior enhancements crystallized in updated lighting solutions and meticulously chosen hardware, which not only improved functionality but also contributed significantly to the interior’s visual appeal. Fresh flooring was laid down, offering a variety of textures and materials to complement the individuality of each space.

Externally, we undertook the installation of a new front door and implemented a storefront-style wall feature, dramatically enhancing the facade while maintaining a cohesive thread with the indoor design narrative. Our uncompromising attention to detail ensured that the external modifications resonated with the interior upgrades, achieving a symbiotic reflection of both quality and style.

Unified Vision for Client Satisfaction

Throughout each phase of the project, we remained attuned to the twin pillars of client preference and budgetary considerations. Material selections and design specifications were aligned with the client’s unique tastes while adhering to financial frameworks, exemplifying our belief in the feasibility of tailored opulence devoid of extravagance.

Conclusion: A Transformed Residential Paradigm

The DorianBahr Design Studio has once more reiterated its creed of delivering home transformations that transcend mere aesthetic changes—a holistic metamorphosis that thoughtfully encompasses every aspect of the client’s lifestyle and aspirations. This project stands as a testament to our deeply rooted commitment to crafting living environments that resonate with bespoke elegance and practical sophistication, tailored perfectly to the rhythms of contemporary life.


Full Architectural Design & Build


The Mailhes


Fall 2020


June 27, 2024



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