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Greene Project

Greene Project

A Symphony of Spaces: The Harmonious Fusion of Interior and Exterior

A home is more than just walls and a roof — it’s a cohesive entity where the exterior and interior should exist in a complementary balance. Recognizing the importance of this harmony, DorianBahr approaches complete home renovations with a philosophy that acknowledges both realms as equal partners. The result is a home where every element, inside and out, sings in unison, creating an abode of serenity and unity.

Uniting Form and Function

In the pursuit of this ideal, our team embarked on a renovation journey that would see the blending of exterior charm with interior elegance. The goal was not only to rejuvenate the structure but to create an environment where every space, material, and design choice is interwoven with the next — a true home symphony.

Exterior Renovation: The Prelude

The outer transformation was designed to reflect the home’s inner warmth and sophistication. From the choice of siding materials that provide both beauty and resilience to the landscaping that echoes the contours and palette of the living spaces within, every detail was meticulously curated. The outdoor living areas were redesigned to extend the living space beyond the conventional boundaries, featuring comfortable, inviting patios and terraces that encourage interaction with the natural surroundings.

Interior Renovation: Crafting the Core

Within the walls, each room underwent a metamorphosis that honored the home’s original character while incorporating contemporary comforts and aesthetics. The renovation strategy focused on creating a fluidity between rooms, using a unified design language that moves seamlessly from space to space. The result is a series of rooms that are distinct yet harmonious, individual yet part of a grander scheme.

Materials and Colors: The Binding Agents

Consistency in materials and colors served as the binding agents in this comprehensive renovation project. The design team selected a palette that resonized both outdoors and indoors, creating a visual and tactile connection between the two. The materials chosen — from flooring to fixtures — were not only durable and practical but also rich in texture and resonance, enhancing the tactile experience of the home.

Lighting: The Conductor

Light played a principal role in this renovation symphony, with lighting schemes thoughtfully designed to highlight architectural features and create the desired ambiance. Strategic placement of fixtures and the use of natural light sources ensure that the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces feels both natural and inviting at all hours.

Conclusion: The Harmonious Home Achieved

The renovated home stands as a testament to the philosophy that interior and exterior design are equal contributors to the sanctuary called home. The thoughtful implementation of this holistic approach has resulted in a dwelling that truly reflects harmony in every aspect. With interior spaces that soothe and inspire, complemented by an exterior that welcomes and embraces, the house is not just a structure — it is a seamless integration of spaces, a dwelling in harmony, and a place where life can be lived in its most beautiful form.


Complete Home Renovation




Fall 2016


August 21, 2018



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