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Cromwell Manor Project

Cromwell Manor Project

Project Summary

The Cromwell Manor project stands as a paragon of DorianBahr’s architectural mastery, reflecting our profound capability to reimagine and restructure residential domains. This extensive renovation saw a radical transformation of Cromwell Manor, executed with a careful eye for both form and function. We embarked on a journey to infuse this space with new life, ensuring that each design move enriched the home’s inherent character while propelling it into contemporary relevance.

Strategic Structural Reconfiguration

Our skilled team tackled the arduous task of redesigning the structural layout to better serve the evolution of lifestyle standards. Critical to this were the strategic demolition and reconstruction between the house and garage, which led to a more fluid and practical space. The removal of the wall between the living room and family room created a gracious open-concept area, encouraging interaction and a sense of community within the home.

Surface and Utility Renovations

Updating the aesthetic and utility of Cromwell Manor was pivotal in achieving the client’s vision. Outdated flooring was uprooted and replaced with sophisticated, long-lasting alternatives. In the baths and kitchen, we introduced new countertops that not only dazzle with modern elegance but also stand up to the rigors of daily use. Kitchen cabinetry was thoughtfully relocated, enhancing the overall functionality and ease of movement for culinary endeavors.

Refined Finishings and Fixtures

Every corner of Cromwell Manor was touched by the transformative hand of renovation. We enveloped the interior and exterior surfaces with fresh coats of paint, meticulously chosen for their quality and color to complement the architecture. The home was illuminated anew with carefully selected lighting fixtures that set the space aglow with warmth and ambiance. Additionally, the strategic installation of contemporary hardware throughout the residence provided an understated yet noticeable lift to the home’s sophistication.

Flooring That Floors You

Grounding the revamped spaces are the newly laid wood floors, chosen for their beauty and resilience. They provide continuity and flow throughout the communal areas, while high-quality, comfortable carpeting in the bedrooms offers a plush retreat, conjuring an atmosphere of intimacy and relaxation.

The Rebirth of Cromwell Manor

The extensive upgrade at Cromwell Manor is a testament to our holistic approach to residential enhancement. It is not merely a project that transformed a house, but one that curated an environment tailored to modern aspirations. Our multidisciplinary expertise, encompassing everything from structural engineering to the nuanced selection of interior details, bridged the gap between the house’s storied past and an invigorated present.

Conclusion: A Home Reborn

From the sweeping changes to the structural layout to the intricate details of surface finishes, the Cromwell Manor project by is a profound demonstration of how a space can be entirely redefined. It now stands as a vibrant, functionally rich, and comfortable abode, exuding an attractive ambiance that beckons to be lived in. This reinvention goes beyond the physical footprint to touch on every aspect that makes a house a home, ensuring that Cromwell Manor remains a cherished and dynamic living space for years to come.


Complete Home Remodel & Add On


Jason Slater


Summer 2017


June 27, 2024



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