DorianBahr | Cedar Point Cemetery Outhouse: A Delicate Balance of Functionality and Aesthetics
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Cedar Point Cemetery Outhouse: A Delicate Balance of Functionality and Aesthetics

Cedar Point Cemetery Outhouse: A Delicate Balance of Functionality and Aesthetics

Nestled within the serene and historical grounds of Cedar Point Cemetery, DorianBahr undertook the meticulous task of designing and constructing an outhouse that would not just serve its primary function but also blend harmoniously with its surroundings. This project was a journey of marrying practical needs with the aesthetic demands of a sensitive environment, ensuring that the new structure paid homage to tradition while embracing modern building standards.

Construction: Foundations and Framework

The foundation of the outhouse was established on principle and precision, starting with a durable 2×4 framework set at 16-inch centers. This robust base was sheathed with 7/16 OSB, creating a solid and dependable structure. Over this, a waterproof EPDM roof and protective Galvalume flashing were meticulously installed, sealing the edifice from the elements and ensuring its longevity.

Exterior Aesthetics: Siding to Details

In beauty, there is simplicity, and the outhouse’s exterior was a testament to this belief. Clad in 8-inch Hardie Lap Siding and accented with Pine trim boards, every corner, window, and door was crafted to emphasize a timeless elegance. A unique 4×4 Pine Transom Window Frame, left deliberately without glass, served both aesthetic and functional purposes, allowing for natural ventilation while maintaining the rustic charm of the structure.

Functionality Meets Design

Functionality was at the core of this project, evidenced by the thoughtful layout and design elements such as the Hardie Soffit Board protecting the overhangs, and a sturdy outhouse door equipped with a secure interior latch. Options for Cedar accent corner siding and window frames were offered, providing a warm, natural contrast and adding character to the overall design.

Color and Texture: A Harmonious Blend

The selection of a sophisticated color scheme of Dark Charcoal Grey/Brown with Antique White trim was a nod to the nearby church, ensuring the outhouse blended seamlessly with its environment. The optional inclusion of natural Cedar accents further enriched the visual appeal, offering a textured contrast that celebrated the beauty of natural materials.

Inside Out: Beauty in Simplicity

The interior of the outhouse was designed with functionality in mind, featuring natural wood double seats coated in clear polyurethane for durability, and an open space that was uncluttered and practical. The choice to keep the interior simplistic, with exposed structures and the open transom, resonated with the project’s overall ethos of blending traditional designs with purposeful modern construction techniques.

Conclusion: A Tribute to Time and Tradition

The Cedar Point Cemetery Outhouse project by DorianBahr stands as a monument to the delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics. It is a testament to the careful consideration and detailed craftsmanship that went into creating a structure that is not only practical but also enriches its historical surroundings. Through a keen understanding of materials, a respect for tradition, and a commitment to durable construction, this outhouse serves as a reminder of how thoughtful design can elevate even the most basic structures into something truly remarkable.


Design Build


Cedar Point Cemetery


Summer 2015


June 27, 2024



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