Word of the Week – Balance

Balance in design is the visual equilibrium that is achieved by reconciling opposing forces in a composition. There are there are two primary ways to achieve this: symmetrical balance and asymmetrical balance.

Symmetrical balance is also called formal balance, because a form (formula) is used — a mirror image about a vertical axis. Use symmetrical balance to create formal, organized and orderly looks.

Wanting to create a dynamic, but harmonious composition? Turn to asymmetrical balance in which there are no mirror images. There are no rules or limits with asymmetrical balance. That does not mean that anything goes. Careful adjustments in size, shape, color and placement of the elements in the format are required in order to achieve balance and avoid disorganization. Some tips to keep in mind are avoiding placing objects in the direct center or in the corners. Also, avoid lining up two or more objects by their direct center.

Happy composing!

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